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Ten (Plus One) Must-Have Facebook Applications for Your Business

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Ten (Plus One) Must-Have Facebook Applications for Your Business

Facebook offers a wide variety of applications (apps) geared to the business member. In fact, the Applications Directory lists more than 800 Facebook business apps at last glance. With so much free software just a click away, it’s hard to know the must-have, time-saving, moneymaking, and productivity increasing apps that you may want for your Facebook business presence.

So, to help you narrow the selection and make sense of all these apps, we took some time to review many of the built-in Facebook apps and selected the following eleven apps (in no particular order) for your Page.


1.My Network Value (powered by XING)

Recognize your value within your network of contacts and tap into it to expand your net worth. My Network Value helps you evaluate your value and then compare it to others in your network. From social networking pioneer Xing, this application lets you discover new business contacts and opportunities through searches and advanced contact management tools.



Ideal for team members spread across different office locations, MyOffice helps you to manage your project or business with a collaborative suite of tools. Schedule meetings with your team or group, organize an event, discuss ideas, share files, create to-do lists, collaborate on docs and whiteboards, and assign tasks to increase productivity. MyOffice lets you quickly and easily collaborate with your colleagues, partners, or clients.


3.Tag Biz Pro Business Cards

Business card apps are fairly common on Facebook these days. But Tag Biz Pro stands out from the pack with a realistic index card design and a bunch of networking features built in. The app allows you to do the following:

  • Create a business card and customize it
  • Attach your business card to Facebook messages
  • Browse other cards and read comments
  • Let others know what you are looking for

Anyone who is interested in doing business on Facebook should use Tag Biz Pro. The Tag Biz Pro automates the relationship networking and referral process by creating a tag cloud, or cluster of words describing your business. Pick your keywords, invite your friends, and build your own business network with this professional networking app.


4.Linkedin Answers

Social networks don’t have to be separate islands. From the folks at the popular professional networking site Linkedin comes Linkedin Answers, which allows you to tap into the wisdom of the Linkedin community by posting questions that anyone can answer. Likewise, you can also answer questions if the subject is within your expertise, which is a great way to build your brand’s credibility.



The Web’s largest community for sharing presentations makes it easy to post your presentations to your Facebook Page. With SlideShare, you can upload your PowerPoint, PDF, Word, and Keynote presentations so that others in your network can view them. You can even embed YouTube videos in your presentations and add audio to make professional looking Webinars.


6.Static FBML

Although Facebook Pages are limited in terms of design customization, you can add the Static FBML app to any Page to integrate HTML directly on the Page. Developed internally by Facebook developers, this app lets you enter HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) within a box for enhanced Page customization and added functionality.



If you’re looking to add more flash to your Page — and by that, we mean Flash movies, animations, scripts, and so on — FlashPlay allows you to add any Flash file to your Page and make it visible to everyone. Flash is an Internet standard that supports videos, such as those found on YouTube, as well as games. You may also browse the FlashPlay library to find a selection of popular games, animations, and apps that can make your Page stand out.

Another great app not yet available for Pages, allows you to quickly save your IOUs. When installed, the IOUs are displayed as post-it notes on your profile. You can print IOU certificates and share with friends, and don’t forget that $50 you loaned your buddy on your last road trip to Vegas! The service works easily with friends who are not yet on Facebook via their e-mail address.


9.PRX Builder

Based on the original Social Media Press Release (SMPR) Template from Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications, PRX Builder helps you easily create the next generation of press releases. Enhance your press release with new media elements, such as links, multimedia, and social media service buttons for digg and Automatically add Technorati tags and then distribute your release through PR Newswire. The service also optimizes your releases for higher visibility within Technorati and Google Blog Search. You can even moderate any comments your SMPR may receive. RSS and e-mail subscription options make this an invaluable tool for companies looking to get the word out. And the best part is the service is free!


10. Page Maps

Ideal for companies with a physical presence, Page Maps allows you to add a custom map to your Page or personal profile. You can show your business locations or favorite spots around town. It displays a mini map requiring no additional clicks to see, and links to a larger map or directions.


11. Phonebook

How many times has one of your co-workers asked you for a contact? Phonebook let’s you share your Rolodex in a secure environment. You can also attach e-mails and notes to contacts, back up your list, and exchange and compare contacts with your associates. Maybe now your staff won’t call you at 9 o’clock in the morning the next time they can’t find a number and you’re away on vacation!

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