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Top 11 ways to increase your twitter followers.

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Top 11 ways to increase your twitter followers.

Increasing your twitter fan base can be very vital for your business. Here is how you can go about increasing your twitter following:
1.Have a custom background that clearly tells everyone your interests and what you do.
2.Have a complete profile mentioning all your interests as people like getting to know others with similarinterests.

3.Your Twitter profile should be real and recognizable. People like to meet a person with a real picture.

You can design your custom background for free on websites like
4.Always maintain best tweets in your first page as this is the page that everyone is going to see when they check out your profile.
5.Connect your real life with your twitter profile. Every time you take a video, shoot a good picture or do something hilarious capture it and tweet it.
6.Reply to the hot trending topics and #hashtags. This way many more people get a chance to read your views and connect with you.
7.Treat your twitter profile as you would treat your website. Try to bring as much traffic as you can to your profile.
8.Humor works and it works more than anything else. So, if you are funny use #hashtagsand trending topics to publish your jokes as wide as you can. Many people will follow you if they observe that you have something funny to say.
9.If you are knowledgeable about any topic; provide information on that topic with relevant #hashtags to attract the right audience. These people will become your followers if you give them interesting snippets.
10.Easiest way to increase twitter followers is to follow others. When you follow others they tend to follow back.
11.Invite your friends from Gmail, Facebook , yahoo etc. This is the biggest group of potential followers you have.

Try these tips and enjoy twitter :)

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