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How Social Media Influencing The HealthCare Industry

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How Social Media Influencing The HealthCare Industry

Social media is Transforming the nature and speed of health care interaction between consumers and health organizations. Previous are the days when Social Media Marketing tools were best suited for Commercial Brands, Insurance Companies, Auditors, Education Orgs, and countless others are using social media to achieve strategic Business goals and generating ROI for their Orgs. Now It’s time for HealthCare Industry to step in to Social Media Marketing. Social Media can help to attract new patients, enhance the patient experience for current clients and share expertise that positions practitioners as go-to sources for media.

Studies from PwC Health Research Institute (2012), Pew Internet & American Life Project (2012), and Mayo Clinic (2012) show consumers are using social media to find doctors and share positive experiences:

  • One-third of U.S.consumers are using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to find medical information, research and share their symptoms, and offer opinions about doctors, treatments, drugs, and health plans
  • 44% of patients are willing to share a positive experience at a medical facility…42% are willing to share it about a specific doctor or provider
  • One in two adults use their smartphone to look-up health information…19% have at least one health app on their phone.


Why HealthCare Industry Needs Social Media: Social Media is a good match for HealthCare Industry. According to a report given by Demi and cooper Advertising and DC interactive group, more than 90% of people age group between 18 years to 24 years said that they would believe the information that they found through the Social Media Channels. Now Social Media holding the breathing point of HealthCare Industry, Hospitals have started using the Social Media Networks, they are creating Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account to communicate with the patients. Even Doctors also started using their personnel accounts of Social Networks to communicate with the patients. In US max number of people are depending upon the social networks for the Health Information. Social Media has become an important tool for use in Educating, Supporting, and Communicating with patients.

Benefits for HealthCare through Social Media:

  • Establish patient connections.
  • Engage the targeted audience and increase the relationship.
  • Facillitate the service
  • Access, manage and extend the professional reputation or promote the brand.
  • Reach the audience with good communication, and suggestions.
  • Risk Management for the Healthcare providers.
  • Attract, recruit and train professionals.



Through Social Media Marketing Strategy Health Organizations can Achieve their targeted Customers, and through the Social Networks Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn They can Achieve Much Faster Results.

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