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How to be a Twitter Superstar!

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How to be a Twitter Superstar!

By now we all know Twitter is a great place to network, gain a following, and potentially grow your business. Yet there are things which need to be taken care before tweeting, especially when a brand is involved. Below are certain unwritten rules to using this site. Follow these 6 simple rules and become a Tweeter Superstar!

Rule 1: It Is always better to test the waters, listen for a while before tweeting. Never Jump right in, start tweeting, and see how it goes. It’s necessary to assimilate before you communicate. Do some listening, searching, and learning, before sending out any tweets. This process is easy and will teach you a lot about the social network and your audience!Rule 2: Do not stalk everyone and haunt them to follow you on an hourly basis.It is important to understand that, although majority of the people spend a lot of time on social network sites like twitter, it is unwise to expect them to follow all the communication that goes in your tread. Majority of the twitter user follow many pages, and it is not possible for them to chip in every time.

Rule 3: No SMS Language. Please, please, please don’t cut corners! By rmvng vols 4m wds 2 mke psts shrtr, u jst cnfse ur adnce! (You got my point!). While many of us (particularly teenagers) communicate this way, it is not appropriate for your professional Twitter presence. Always write short and crisp tweets, using simple English, with minimal jargons.

Rule 4: Make sure your tweeter feeds are being managed by the right person. While it may be tempting to pawn the social media responsibilities off onto any tom, dick, harry, we urge you not to! Social media is something that should be taken very seriously. It can make or break your brand in matter of minutes. So always delegate this task on responsible shoulders. 

Rule 5: Always create (get created) a standard online communication policy handbook. You or those representing your brand on social networks need a well crafted blueprint, enabling your brand to have smooth jerk free tweet ride on tweeter. We need to understand that we humans, and tend to make mistakes Thus, it is always better to create a well thought written document

Rule 6. Respect the complaint and respond to it the right way.
Even the biggest, strongest brands in the world get complaints from myriad people. There is no magic potion, which would ensure that people won’t complain against your brand or things related to it. On tweeter this is even more common as it’s very much accessible, easy, yet impactful. Though, there is no one   set formula to respond to a complaint, and the right strategy may vary on case to case basis, for majority of the cases this works out best – Respond immediately and publicly (i.e. on tweeter) and take the complaint into a private channel (either Direct Message on Twitter or via phone or email) as quickly as possible with true picture of things. Never lie or promise anything you are unsure to deliver.which ceases us from making mistakes, which otherwise we are prone to. And if by chance you are forced to dedicate the tweeter task to a novice, this hand book is nothing less than a Genie’s Magic Lamp, for the reasons obvious.

 Though, Tweeter (Like other social network sites) is evolving daily and getting trickier with smartest audience ever, I am sure if you follow the above rules in the right way, you are surely entitled to be a, Tweeter Super Star! Happy Tweeting!

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