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How to increase your Facebook Page Fans

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How to increase your Facebook Page Fans

We all want to increase our Facebook page’s fans, here is a check list that you can follow for assured increase in your fan base:

1) Engage with your fans: – Once you create a Facebook page, it is very important for you to engage with your fans. You can do this by responding to their comments, posting about things they like. Every time your fans comment or like or share what you have posted, their networks become aware of you. This can lead to an increase of your fan base at a quick pace.


2) Make a Compelling Welcome page: – Create an attractive landing tab that explains what your fan page is about, b) who it’s for and c) why they should become members. This will lead to a higher conversion rate.


3) Consistent Updates: – One of the most important things to keep fans engaged is to provide consistent updates, responding to posts, asking for help and sharing relevant content.


4) Invite your friends: – This is a potential group of fans that can grow much larger if your friends share/like your updates.


5) Pictures: – People prefer pictures than words. Use good pictures in landing page and in your updates.


6) Place a Facebook Ad: – Facebook Ads allow you to target the right set of audience who will be interested and reach them. Exercise this option only when you have a budget to advertise your page. Know more on Facebook Ads here.


7) Be unique: – Give something unique to a user which is also interesting. This will bring more users and stir up activity on your page.


8 ) Contests/sweepstakes: – Giving money/gifts always works. Use this wisely to make users participate and increase activity on your page. Make sure you read Facebook’s rules and regulations before organizing any contest or giving away prizes on your Facebook Page.


9) Badge: – Add a Badge/Button to Your Profile. You can create a badge of your company and add it to your profile. Also ask your friends to add it to their profiles. This will be an added promotion of your brand/page. You can create your badge here.


10) Use Share button – Use the share button from your personal profile and Facebook page to share the updates.


11) Connect with Your Blog: – If you have a blog, connect your blog with your Facebook page. Share relevant content to get more readers.

Hope the tips mentioned above help you in increasing your fan base. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.


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