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Social Media Optimization

What is SMO or Social Media Optimization? Social Media optimization can be seen as an integral part of Social Media Marketing in wider terms. Social Media marketing is an interchange of ideas, contact with various online community website members, groups which help in exposure and marketing of ideas, products or any thing which you would…

Fastest Guide to Social Media

After going through a lot of content on social media, if I have to make a “fastest guide for social media” or  give pointers for each social media channel then it would have the following:

Building and Implementing Your Twitter Marketing Road Map – Part 2

The place to start when you need to develop a strategy for a business or a product is, of course, a business plan. Developing a Twitter marketing strategy helps you, your employees, and your business make marketing on Twitter successful. The same concept applies to a traditional marketing plan. Every business in the world should…

Building and Implementing Your Twitter Marketing Road Map – Part 1

Perhaps you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to complete all the projects that you need to finish. You may feel like Twitter is just adding one more thing on your plate. Well, break the plate! In this article, you dive into the world of productivity, setting goals and finding success…