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Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon!!

Marketers everywhere are in the middle of the biggest sea change in marketing history. We @ Social Redirect believe, there has never been a better time to be a marketer, and that tools like Facebook are rewriting the rules. In fact, we believe that Facebook will become the preferred platform for marketers to acquire new…

Riding the Viral Wave

Viral Marketing What’s the most powerful element of Web 2.0? If I ask this question to a smart marketing head of a Fortune 500 firm or an entrepreneur, their immediate answer would be “Viral Marketing”. In the last decade, we’ve seen so many novel and successful viral marketingcampaigns which have made an impact on billions of people around the world….

How to increase your Facebook Page Fans

We all want to increase our Facebook page’s fans, here is a check list that you can follow for assured increase in your fan base: 1) Engage with your fans: – Once you create a Facebook page, it is very important for you to engage with your fans. You can do this by responding to…

Top 11 ways to increase your twitter followers.

Increasing your twitter fan base can be very vital for your business. Here is how you can go about increasing your twitter following: .,. 1.Have a custom background that clearly tells everyone your interests and what you do. . 2.Have a complete profile mentioning all your interests as people like getting to know others with similarinterests. 3.Your…