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Ten Facebook Blogs for Business

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Ten Facebook Blogs for Business

Marketing on Facebook is truly unlike any other style of marketing. Now that you’re well on your way to becoming a Facebook marketing master, you’ll need to keep your knowledge of this ever-changing world up to date. There is no better way to get fast, up-to-date information than via the blogosphere.

Our goal is to give you some lasting tools for your continued education on
Facebook. We monitored these blogs during our work with various companies to stay current on any possible changes coming from Facebook.


1. Facebook Blog

We wish we could say that one source is tops for news about Facebook, but
in reality, we can’t. However, the Facebook blog run by the Facebook employees
is darn close. Here you can find out what’s happening behind the scenes
at Facebook. Facebook employees give firsthand accounts of new features,
products, and goings-on around the office. Monitor this blog for changes to
Facebook and interfacing directly with select Facebook employees. You can
find this blog at


2. AboutFaceDigital

Truth is, this is your authors’ blog, where our goal is to find the latest Facebook
news and echo it in one spot for marketers. At www.aboutfacedigital.
, we monitor numerous blogs and more for relevant Facebook news —
even before we started working on social media marketing. Now that we can focus on our own continued education, Rich’s blog brings you case studies and examples of best practices along with the changes in the Facebook landscape. Also, check out Paul Dunay’s blog called Buzz Marketing for Technology ( where he covers how to use social media specifically for tech firms of all sizes.


3. Inside Facebook

This independent blog ( focuses on Facebook
and the Facebook Platform for developers and marketers. Inside Facebook
began in April 2006 and delivers very timely information that tends to be
quite technical in nature, which is why it appeals to the application developer
community, as well as the more advanced social media marketer.


4. Facebook Advice

From the co-authors of the book I’m on Facebook — Now What? (Happy About,
2008), ( is co-run by Jason Alba and Jesse Stay.
You can expect a wide range of topics, and not all are purely business oriented.
You can count on them to keep you informed on trends for Facebook for
business, Facebook for non profits, Facebook for education, and Facebook
etiquette. Jason Alba also recently authored I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???
(Happy About, 2009) and is the CEO and founder of JibberJobber (www.jibber
). Jesse is the founder of SocialOptimize and is an active
Facebook developer, consultant, and expert.


5. Face Reviews

Rodney Rumford and his team at Gravitational Media LLC run Face Reviews
(, another great source for Facebook applications
reviews and Facebook news. They also cover the social media and social networks Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, FriendFeed, and OpenSocial to name a few.
We recommend their e-book Twitter as a Business Tool for anyone just getting
started with Twitter — or even the seasoned Twitter professional. You never
know when you can pick up a trick or two by reading something like this.


6. Why Facebook?

Run by Mari Smith, who is an independent consultant and coach. Her blog is
great for social networking for both fun and profit. Mari addresses all things
Facebook, as well as other popular social media tools like Twitter. The blog
also offers the 7 Day Facebook Marketing Tips by e-mail subscription. This
could be very useful for those of you looking to keep on top of Facebook trends without having to go to your RSS feed reader. Also check out her quick
start guide to social marketing, a fast track Webinar to help you accelerate
your social media results. You can find her blog at


7. Stayin’ Alive

Jesse Stay, also writes his own blog, consults with his business, Stay N’ Alive Productions, LLC, and runs a social relationship management company called Jesse is one of the blogging pioneers in the social media space. His blog can be found at Jesse provides valuable content, shares his knowledge on social media, technology, and new media, and posts the occasional rant.


8. Mashable

The quintessential guide to social media on the blogosphere, Mashable (www.
) covers much more than just Facebook. In fact, you can expect
over five posts a day on Mashable to cover topics about Facebook, Twitter,
MySpace, RSS, Flickr, FriendFeed, Seesmic, and much more. We highly recommend this blog for its diversity of authors and viewpoints as well as its
diversity of topics pertaining to all things social media. They also do a lot of
how-to guides and list great resources.


9. The Facebook Effect

The Facebook Effect is a blog that tracks Facebook news, commentary, and
analysis. The Facebook Effect was founded in April 2007 to analyze the growing
effects that Facebook has on the way we communicate, organize, share,
and collaborate. They explore privacy issues, network effects of Facebook,
trends and news, and provide those interested with information to help make
sense of the increasingly important role Facebook plays in the lives of its
millions of users around the world. The Facebook Effect has migrated completely to Facebook now and can only be accessed via its Facebook Page.


10. All Facebook

All Facebook ( bills itself as the “unofficial” Facebook
resource blog. We agree and look to this blog as the source of great information
on Facebook demographics (they have a nice application resident on their
site for this). They also have great stats on the top Facebook Pages, fastest
growing pages, and least visited pages, plus plenty of data on Facebook
Applications like the fastest growing, the best, the worst, and a ranking
of the top Facebook application developers.

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